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Dead Sea brings life to tired skin

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If it seems counterintuitive to put something 'dead' on your face, think again! Dead Sea Mineral Mud is a natural element harvested from the mineral-rich Dead Sea in Jordan, the world's deepest salt lake. People have been slathering it on their faces, hair and body for centuries because of its detoxifying, skin-smoothing, hydrating properties. (Yes, we said hydrating; that's hard to believe with a mud mask, until you rinse it off and see the incredibly glowy skin underneath). So, what more is there to know about Dead Sea Mud?

You've got mud on your face, that's no disgrace

If you took the plunge and purchased our Grateful Dead Sea Mud Mask or any other brand of Dead Sea mud, but perhaps it's still sitting in your bathroom cabinet because you're afraid of putting black mud on your face, here's why you need to try that mud mask out NOW. (Hint: It's only called the 'Dead' Sea because there's too much mineral salt and other essential minerals and enzymes for plants and animals to find it a hospitable environment. The mud itself is alive with natural minerals your skin needs and craves - with no pollen or animal matter to contaminate it.)

Dead Sea shore

What Dead See Mud does for your skin is pretty amazing. The thick creamy mud:

  • accelerates the skin’s detoxification process

  • draws out excess oil

  • has an antimicrobial effect that helps prevent acne breakouts

  • tones and tightens skin

  • exfoliates when removed, taking dead skin with it

  • relieves itching, cracking and dryness

  • used to improve dermatological conditions like eczema

  • nourishes skin, leaving it radiant

  • acts as an antioxidant, helping combat signs of oxidative damage such as fine lines and wrinkles

Personal aside: I swear by this mud. As a person with very oily skin and large pores, not to mention allergy and digestive issues, I have always been prone to breakouts - not all-over acne, but large blemishes that turned into dark scars on my forehead, cheeks and chin. I am not a foundation wearer but I constantly receive compliments on my complexion, and I started using Dead Sea mineral mud once a week many years before I started selling it :)

Other uses for Dead Sea Mineral Mud

Using this mud regularly on large swaths of your body can get very expensive. However, as anyone who enjoys the day spa can attest, it's worth it to occasionally pamper yourself from head to toe. Try using Dead Sea mud on your entire body before a special event, such as a wedding (not just your own wedding!) or after a series of demanding events, like business travel or holiday entertaining, to absolutely rejuvenate and restore you inside and out.

Used in hair, Dead Sea Mineral Mud hydrates and nourishes the scalp and roots by boosting circulation, eliminating harmful bacteria, cleansing and moisturizing the scalp, and repairing damage to the hair follicles so hair can grow stronger and healthier.

Used on the body, its minerals penetrate to relax tense muscles, ease aches, relieve joint pain, boost blood circulation, and reduce inflammation. No wonder this mineral-rich mud, and the highly saline waters that create it, have been known throughout recorded history as a veritable Fountain of Youth.

Grateful Dead Sea mud

Wait...what's in Dead Sea Mud, anyway?

A whole lot of minerals, that's what. After being filtered and purified, the mud is packaged for sale, unless of course you are fortunate enough to visit the Dead Sea in person and immerse yourself in the vats and pools of healing mud made available to tourists at nearby spas. The Dead Sea resorts that Cleopatra and King Herod built unfortunately aren't still standing, though you can visit the ruins.

The minerals in Dead Sea mud take the form of oxides (so add the word oxide to all the following, whether you're talking about Dead Sea bath salt or mud):












...and many more.

Who is Dead Sea Mud good for?

Unlike many cosmetic products that are only good for a single skin type, this natural product works for dry, oily and normal skin types because it has a wonderful pH balancing effect, taking away excess oils and adding moisture where needed. It also gently pulls out impurities such as air pollution, allergens, dust, and dirt. As part of the exfoliating and detoxifying process, the skin experiences an upsurge of blood flow and energy for the skin, giving it a radiant look and improving the skin’s absorption of nutrients and moisture going forward.

How do I use Dead Sea Mud mask?

We've already done the work for you - blending this miracle mud with skin-loving essential oils of geranium and rose for a more pleasant scent and skin healing properties. All you need to do is wet your face with warm water, apply a generous layer of the mud, let dry for 7-10 minutes (preferably while resting in a warm bath, which opens the pores further - talking and laughing will cause the mask to crack) and then wipe off with a damp washcloth to reveal radically moisturized, soft, toned skin beneath. Finish with your favourite moisturizer and - voila!

When using on hair, apply it like a conditioning treatment from scalp to ends, and let it soak in for 10-20 minutes. If you leave your jar of mud open and find it is thickening up on you, a few drops of water stirred into the mud will easily re-constitute it to a creamy consistency.

It's important to remember that though this is a natural product, it is a powerful one! Don't be tempted to leave the mud on delicate facial skin longer than 10 minutes; the mask can become dry and uncomfortable unless rinsed off when dry. And even though this is a rinse-off product, it's always wise perform a patch test if you have sensitive skin, to prevent the possibility of an allergic reaction. A good place to test is the side of the neck. Apply a toonie-sized circle of mud and allow it to dry. Rinse off and look for any blotches - if the skin feels irritated in any way, do not use on your face, but try another patch test on your inner arm another time, as our bodies can be sensitive to a number of factors on any given day. Dead Sea Mineral Mud is safe and recommended for the vast majority of skin types. Any redness that results after the mask should fade within 30 minutes.

How long is this going to take?

While many people I have spoken to say that they notice immediate results after using the mud - and I am certainly one of those individuals - it may take longer for others to see an improvement in the overall quality of their skin. For example, people who are using the Dead Sea mud to fight acne outbreaks, may initially find no difference as the mud pulls acne-causing oil, dirt and bacteria out of their skin; the payoff occurs when regular use provides the deep cleansing necessary to prevent future breakouts. It's important to be patient and do your mask 1-2x per week, alongside a healthy skin care regimen that begins from the inside out (hydration, sleep, proper diet) to achieve maximum results.

Thank you for reading about Dead Sea mud! We also carry Dead Sea mineral salts in case you have fallen in love with this entirely natural and beneficial product and are looking for a more immersive experience.

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