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Our best bath products gifts for lovers

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Are you searching for Valentine's Day gift ideas, or just a way to express romantic love that lasts longer than flowers and chocolate? While I am the type to finish my Christmas shopping in September, when it comes to Valentine's Day and these smaller holidays, I'm a last minute shopper. Maybe it's seeing all those red velvet hearts already in stores on January 2nd alongside my giant post-holiday credit card bills, but I don't even want to think about buying anything cute and pink for my kids until February...and then the day creeps up on me way too fast.

Red and pink satin hearts

Before I got partnered up, I still celebrated V-Day: What better time to buy yourself that claret teddy, claret roses or just plain claret? I also sometimes surprised my girlfriends with small Valentine's presents like gift cards or flowers, especially if they were single or yoked to unromantic partners. Seems like I was ahead of the curve: the trend for Valentine’s Day is moving away from just romance and towards more creative ways to celebrate for everyone. After all, there are so many different kinds of love - shouldn't we honour them all?

Valentine's Day gift guide for giving bath and body care gifts

More and more, we're using V-Day as a reason to show love to all the special people in our lives...whether we happen to be sleeping with them or not is almost incidental :) Here's what we recommend for the big day, or any reason you'd like to pamper the one(s) you love.

Gifts for your Galentine Galentine’s Day (an idea introduced on the hit series Parks and Recreation) has really caught on; don't forget, it's traditionally celebrated on February 13th rather than Valentine’s Day itself. Galentine's Day is a chance to celebrate your female friendships; think of it as honouring your platonic BFFs without whom life would be pretty gray indeed. Since we all know a girlfriend/coworker or two who could stand to spend more time on self-care, we recommend our heart shaped bath bombs to let her know how much you value those long FB messages and late night kvetching sessions.

Valentine's Gifts for Yourself

Oh yes, we went there! What's wrong with self-gifting? It's the ultimate empowerment. If Birks' latest offering is a bit beyond you, treat yourself to the Soap Trio and enjoy a positively themed selection of soaps that will see you through the rest of the winter - all moisturized, naturally scented and herbed up. Or buy a few bars of our ever-popular natural rose soap if you love pink :)

Strawberry Shortcake handmade soap

Kids' Valentines

Remember waiting for the Gorilla Gram, the Rose Gram or the Candy Gram in school...and waiting, and waiting? Even if your kid is popular enough to score a huge pile of Valentines complete with heart shaped erasers and spicy candies, he or she will still appreciate a gift from you. May we recommend a jar of bath candy, or the chocolate soap, which is a hit with kids of all ages.

Sock monkey and chocolate soaps

Teachers' Valentine Present

Yes, you could bake a cupcake or make a card...but nothing says Teacher, I Love You like some gorgeous, relaxing handmade bath salts. Make and personalize your own decorative jars of bath salts with herbs and essential oils for a token of appreciation that the teacher will remember at report card time ;)

Pet Pampering

No one bathes their dog in winter much (at least not in cold climates), but salty roads can wreak havoc on a dog's sensitive paw pads. After romps in the mud and slush, wipe their paws with a damp cloth lightly moistened with Pug Life all natural dog soap. It won't dry their skin...and by the way, cracked paw pads can also benefit from a touch of hand butter as much as human hands do.

Valentine's Gifts for Her

Looking for the perfect present? Nobody said you had to ONLY give bath products; Saltzbaths natural bath and body care products do really well by themselves, but also when paired in a gift basket with other romantic treats like wine, chocolate, jewels, silky underwear and beach vacations. Come on, think big! Or...make the most of your most intimate moments with a delightfully rich massage bar that encourages you both to enjoy some skin-to-skin contact.

Cocoa butter massage bar

Valentines for Him

If he's not much for self-care, skin care or pampering, all the better: Introduce your man to natural body wash that won't leave environmental degradation in its wake, saturate him with estrogen-mimicking chemicals, or leave him smelling like a flower. When A Man Loves Whomever all natural shower gel smells like sandalwood and uses an all natural vegetable soap base to gently and effectively clean skin without drying. Here we've matched it with a spicy bar of sea clay soap.

Men's body wash and natural soap gift

The Takeaway: Modern Valentine's Day Gifting

So what's the point? There is someone in your life - whether it's your AA sponsor, the neighbour who shovels your walk or the child who gives you unconditional love - that you wish you could honour on Valentine's Day...and now you can. This holiday is no longer just the exclusive purview of lovers; everyone can get in on the action. Self-celebration and personal indulgence is also gaining traction in a culture that's all about putting your nose to the grindstone: it's okay to play sometimes, so treat yourself to a luxurious bath bomb made with all natural ingredients, whether or not you have a partner who is planning an elaborate celebration.

In short, spend some time with those you love this Valentine's Day...and on this day, like every other, try to #putsomeloveinyotub.

Happy Valentine's Day from SaltZ&Co!

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