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Stop! My soap is getting mushy

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

One of the questions I always get at live markets is, how do I keep my soap from getting all mushy? And also, is your soap specifically, more than drugstore soap, going to get all mushy and slimy right away? Or is it going to last?

Natural soaps in burlap bags

After assuring potential customers that my glycerine and cocoa butter soaps won't melt into nothing after a few uses but rather are very long-lasting, I always ask them, how do you treat your handmade soap? Do you leave it sitting in a puddle of water after use, or on the edge of the tub, or on a nice rack so it can dry out? Ha ha, I just said nice rack.

Frothy bar of soap

Our soap, while not triple-milled, is a lot more long-lasting than commercially produced moisturizing bars like Dove. But no matter what your brand, we have a solution for your mushy soap problem: Pine and bamboo soap dishes. They are deeply scored, which allows water to drain off your soap on all sides, quickly restoring the hardness of the bar. They are also fragrant and attractive in and of themselves. The size fits standard soap bars perfectly and also, being made of natural wood or bamboo, these unique soap dishes grip the soap to prevent the pesky problem of the bar slipping off the edge of the tub.

Handmade wood soap dish

Another First World problem beautifully SOLVED by the geniuses at SaltZ&Co! Grab yours now and add a hand crafted bar of soap of your choice for just $5 more. It makes a pretty sweet little gift set or nice addition to your own bathroom, at inflation-friendly prices.

You're welcome :)

xo Nicole

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