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Some like it rough: The benefits of a good body polish

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

One of the reasons I love being in the salt business is that I get to teach people about this amazing substance and what it can do for the body. There's just so much to know about salt and so many different benefits to using the different types of salts! I love it and never shut up about it...which drives my family crazy.

Fortunately all this learning has made me something of a 'salt expert' and I am just thrilled to share with you something I have been using for many, many years but am just now making commercially: The sea salt scrub.

Why salt scrubs are better than all the rest

Now, there are many scrubs and body polishes on the market made of everything from scary plastic microbeads suspended in mysterious gel, to brown sugar scrubs soaked in oil. All purport to give you that feeling you are looking for: uber-clean, unclogged pores and skin that feels as soft as a baby's behind. And, if you use enough muscle, most of them work - though you might need a whole jar of a sugar product to exfoliate your entire body, because the sugar grains melt before you can really get results.

Exfoliating scrub in action

Salt scrubs are absolutely the best on so many levels:

-The action of polishing your face and body works for people of any skin type - oily, dry, normal - except those with very sensitive skin (when in doubt, do a small patch test to make sure the product isn't too abrasive for you)

-Salt scrubs rejuvenate your skin, removing dry, dull skin cells and allowing fresh, glowing skin to shine through. It's the perfect treatment for 'winter skin'.

-Salt scrubs help your products work better. Your skin cream will absorb better, your makeup will sit more evenly, your self-tanner won't be blotchy anymore

-You can use a coarse salt scrub on the bottom of your feet along with a pumice stone to remove hard calluses and make them soft, smooth and sandal-ready.

People be use a salt scrub on your face???

On the face, polishing unclogs pores, minimizing the appearance of large pores and preventing breakouts. Just be gentle, using the pads of your fingertips to rub the salt in small circular motions over the face, avoiding the eye area. You'll want to use a scrub made with super-fine salt on delicate facial skin. For some, this will be too much, and if you have very sensitive skin we recommend making your own all natural facial scrubs - here are some DIY gentle facial scrub ideas.

To sum it up: Cleansing is good for everyday use, but if you haven't exfoliated since, well, forever, you need to do it now before the colder weather has you showing some more skin on your next beach vacation. Our 8 oz jar of No More Dry Skin Scrubs is good for several head-to-toe applications and we recommend exfoliating once a week for optimal results. Or for a tropical vibe, try the coconut lime scrub, and don't miss our holiday limited edition cranberry scrub available in fall and winter.

Of course, our sea salt scrub is bound together with skin-loving, cosmetic grade carrier oils like sweet almond, coconut, ricebran, hemp and avocado oil. Some people find oil based scrubs a little bit greasy, and if you're one of those people, then simply shower off afterwards - you probably still won't need a moisturizer afterwards.

Questions about exfoliating? Contact us for speedy answers or leave a comment!

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