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Back off man, I don't take baths

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Only when you go into the bath business do you realize how many people apparently hate the tub. Whoa, what's the deal? I used to think we could all agree that while showers are practical and effective, only a bath truly constitutes 'self-care'. I mean, how much pampering can you really be doing standing up for 5 to 10 minutes, apart from a restorative body scrub or maybe a really nice conditioner?? Apparently either a lot, or self-care isn't that much of a priority because... a lot of people don't take baths.

Tragically, many people don't actually have tubs anymore due to corner-cutting condo builders and strange home renos, but for those condemned to hosing off in perpetuity, there are at least holiday visits and hotel stays to take advantage of the occasional soak. No, I'm talking to people who actually don't like baths even when they have a bathtub at home.

Husky in bathtub howling

Fair enough! So at Saltzbaths, we aim to change your mind one of three ways.

3 reasons why baths are where it's at

Okay! Ready to keep an open mind and maybe even transform the 'chore' of getting clean into something you really enjoy? Here's how SaltZ&Co wants to make bath time great again:

1. With this hilarious, down and dirty Buzzfeed list of reasons why showers suck and baths are amazing (hint: there is going to be a giant monster made of hair. I'm sorry.)

2. With mineral salt baths and Epsom salt bath bombs so yummy, you will want to climb in the tub and test them for yourself.

3. With amazing products that you don't need a bathtub our beautiful lemongrass, citrus and lavender soaps, all of which contain Himalayan pink salt on one side for a nice exfoliating experience, our Grateful Dead Sea Facial Mud Mask, our No Scrubs body polish, and the many other natural bath products made in Toronto you can use anywhere, even if all you've got is the lake or a bucket.

We've got pampering all wrapped up - for gifting

Oh no, that didn't work? Okay, so consider this: while you are clearly some kind of shower-only freaky-deaky person, not everyone is...and most people like nice bath products as gifts so, have you thought about giving SaltZ for:

  • Birthday loot bags, especially for spa-themed parties

  • Teacher gifts

  • Company appreciation

  • Wedding bombonniere

  • Baby showers

  • Graduation presents

  • Thank you gifts

Really, the possibilities are endless! Sign up to our mailing list using the form at the bottom of the website and you'll receive a monthly newsletter with special offers and events so good, that just might convince even die-hard shower-lovers to give baths a go.

If you need me, I'll be in the tub!

xo Nicole

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