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Essential Oil Profile: Fragrant Cedarwood

Are you the type to drape cedar boughs around the handrails and mantel come Christmastime? If you love the long-lasting smell of cedar, you will probably love cedarwood essential oil - but may never have had the opportunity to actually smell it, since it is not commonly found in most health food stores and other essential oil retailers. Fortunately, at SaltZ&Co we love experimenting with rare and beautiful essential oils in our natural bath products...and with the holidays fast approaching, Cedarwood is a no-brainer. Here we have used it in one of our holiday soaps: it's in the clear layer of 'ice' that traps the salt-frosted pine tree.

Pine tree soap

Cedarwood Essential Oil: More than just a pretty smell

Cedarwood essential oil comes from the cedarwood tree, which thrives in high altitudes and cold temperatures. Health practitioners can use this delightful oil to treat a host of conditions, but it also has generally healing purposes, from helping you grow thicker, lusher hair, to soothing the mind and relieving tension, stress and anxiety.

Mythical and Healing Lore connected to the Cedar tree

Native cultures throughout North America and the world attribute important spiritual properties to the cedar tree. It is used to carve totem poles and is said to protect the people. It is also said to hold the spirits of ancestors and appears in legends as a medicinal and transformational agent. Due in part to the mythical qualities of the cedar tree, it is used to help people reconnect to all things spiritual and divine - certainly an important function in today's often material and escapist world.

Functions of Cedarwood Essential Oil Itchy skin doesn't really stand a chance against cedarwood essential oil! Anything that can treat seborrhoea - a very nasty type of eczema that is caused by a malfunction of the sebaceous glands and leads to peeling, flaking skin - is, not surprisingly, also good for treating other types of skin infections and irritation. It's great for skin conditions like acne, dandruff and dermatitis, as well as fungal infections. In fact, this potent oil is best for topical rather than internal uses.

Other uses for Cedarwood EO

Like many classes of essential oils, cedarwood has multiple benefits that Nature intended to be used for protecting the cedar tree from the dangers of its harsh environment, but that, through the miracle of steam distillation, are now available to benefit humans!

Astringent (pore tightening)

Diuretic (stimulates urine flow)

Relieves and regulates the menstrual cycle

Expectorant (loosens and removes phlegm when coughing and other cold symptoms are present) Insect and pest repellent (for use in diffuser or sprinkled around the house) Anti-spasmodic (calms restless leg syndrome)

Antiseptic - wound healing - fights infection (apply topically) Anti-inflammatory (relieves swelling of arthritis when diluted and used as a rub) Curbs hair loss and promotes growth of new hair. For more information on cedar wood oil for hair growth, including scientific data and exactly how to use cedar wood oil for hair growth, visit https://www.hairlossrevolution.com/benefits-of-cedar-wood-oil-for-hair-growth/

All the benefits of cedarwood essential oil...in a soap?

Can you really experience all of these amazing benefits just from using a soap that contains cedar wood essential oil? We don't like to make wild health claims at SaltZ&Co, but one thing is for certain: using a gentle glycerin based soap that is naturally scented with pleasant-smelling cedar wood essential oil, is certainly better for your skin and health than using a harsh mass-produced soap! Why not try handcrafted natural soaps and experience the difference for yourself? Don't forget to sign up to the mailing list and redeem your $5 coupon using code HAPPY, good towards any of our scrumptious holiday products!

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