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How to Have the Best Canada Day Ever - #3 Works for Introverts

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Back before the COVID response changed the way we celebrate Canada Day, the long weekend was a time to paint your face red and white and go downtown to do something stupid. Even with the current limitations, you still don't have to waste the holiday on the couch in your PJs or getting caught up on laundry - you can do something fun, patriotic and pampering! If you're out of laundry, wrap yourself in a giant Canadian flag and get out there! In honour of our nation's birthday, and acknowledging the bloody colonial history that brought us to this moment, here are the best ways to enjoy Canada Day the SaltZ&Co way.

1. The Fun Canada Day

Want to watch fireworks and rock out to live music? Take the kids on midway rides? Gorge yourself on the best Southern BBQ at Centennial Park's Ribfest? Make it a tradition to go to one of Toronto's bajillion Canada Day celebrations - wherever you live, there's one happening, just do a Google search.

In 2018, SaltZ&Co had a presence at one of the best of these events! We were at Stan Wadlow Park for the huge East York Canada Day Festival with Canada Flag soap and free samples. East Side's was smoking hot so we saw tons of folks who wanted to get clean with SaltZ!!!

Canada Flag maple leaf soap

2. The Pampered Canada Day

Canada Day is, after all, a rare long weekend, and maybe you aren't the type to enjoy crowds. Make the most of the holiday by going to a fine Toronto day spa like The Elmwood to have a relaxing treatment or three with your honey. They are having a special couples' promotion for Sunday July 1st where you save 20% when you bring a friend or loved one! You can even dine there, we love it :)

BONUS: You can also have a spa day at home, alone in pampered quiet or with some rowdy gals and guys. Our pick: The Girls Just Wanna Night In hamper, which has everything you need for a full day of home spa!

Pampering home spa gift basket

3. The Quietly Patriotic Canada Day

There are so many ways to show you are a proud Canadian and if there was ever a day to do it, it's July 1st! Here are some ideas:

-Educate yourself on Canada's history, including all the horrors that colonialism wrought on the Indigenous peoples of this land, such as the residential schools that were designed to eradicate First Peoples' languages, customs, history, and dignity. Take some silence to contemplate the injustice that happened and continues to happen not only here, but all around the world.

-Show solidarity with Indigenous people by wearing orange and black instead of red and white

-Decorate with maple leaf regalia - Dollarama and Michael's have lots of inexpensive options from hats to flags and everything in between - and sit in your yard wishing people a Happy Canada Day

-Eat typically Canadian foods like beaver tails, lobster rolls and poutine

-Drink ice cold craft beer

-Sing O Canada at the top of your lungs out the window

-Participate in a virtual or broadcast Canada Day celebration

-Host a Canada Day BBQ for close family and friends with red and white themed foods

-Stay home and binge-watch The Handmaid's Tale by acclaimed Canadian author Margaret Atwood

Patriotic Pie from

Now, there is absolutely nothing on this list we would not like to do ;) However, the duty to spread great-smelling, luscious salt-based bath products to all of Canada is sometimes a heavy one. I hope you'll see me under the big tent with the blue banner at Stan Wadlow on July 1st, 2022 - hope to see you and the kids there!

What is your favourite Canada Day activity if time and money were no object? Drop a note or pic below!

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