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3 Great Ways to Centre Yourself For a Long Weekend

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

There is a long weekend which, to Canadians anyway, comes as a scary reminder that the summer is half over. If the thought of parkas in shop windows makes you want to scream, chill: thanks to climate change, Toronto summers seem to last into early October! Though the urgent desire to soak up the last rays of sun is a real thing (especially with the looming prospect of another mandatory-mask winter), some of us suffer with anxiety at the prospect of any time off. Three whole days to do...what? The extra day is great for laundry and home organization projects, or scrolling through your feeds while pretending to do those things. But what can get lost in the pressure of making it a perfect weekend is taking time out for yourself.

Here are 3 suggestions that work especially well for busy moms and will leave you feeling strong, refreshed, centred, and ready to enjoy whatever any long weekend can throw at you.

Three simple ways to recharge your batteries for the long weekend

1. Meditate - Lots of us actually want to do this, so the question is, why don't we? If it seems difficult, the best way is to just begin and trust the process. The premise of the many cultural traditions, religions and ideas behind meditation is that you - with all your imperfections - are already complete, whole and how can you go wrong, even if you spend most of the meditation thinking about that new guy at work or whether it's wise to have another coffee so late in the day.

New to this? Read the article and try the 3 minute mindful breathing or walking meditations.

Feeling ambitious? Set aside 20 minutes to join in Oprah & Deepak's latest meditation challenge.

2. Yoga - Okay, we get it, you're rusty, you can't grab your ankles, you are embarrassed to be seen in Spandex and the only thing that would get you out of bed to salute the sun is a shot of espresso. No problem - you can do yoga at home! Online resources like the classes at The Yoga Collective are inexpensive, convenient, and literally cover every conceivable base, from basic poses to intense flow classes. The most difficult thing may be cleaning up the Legos to clear a space for your mat, but once you do, expect to feel greater confidence in your body, more energy, and improved self-awareness of all you can conquer.

3. Pamper - This is my favourite part, having meditated rather distractedly and struggled through the poses in #2: The reward. While I often reach for food as a midday reward, doing something nice for myself can also involve using some of our own Saltzco natural skin care products or taking a nice bath with organic bath stuff - which is definitely on the Sunday morning agenda as always. Quite apart from any healing properties, using essential oils, natural vegan butters, bath salts and gentle soap, or putting on a Dead Sea mud mask, just makes you feel damn good!

New to EO? Try a reed diffuser with lemongrass essential oil to add some zen to your home.

In a hurry? Spritz your face with our new facial mist and breathe deeply of lavender, peppermint and joy.

Got a half hour? Marinate in some Himalayan Pink Salt either complemented with your favourite essential oils or just naked, while your body soaks in the 82 different minerals it needs.

Have a wonderful long weekend and here's to finding your moment of bliss!

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