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Have You Considered Natural Lube?

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Valentine's Day isn't the only time for lovin. One year we talked about roses, but now we're talking about LUBE!

Okay, okay, this is maybe not a post for you twenty-somethings who don't need to add anything to their bodies to encourage the kind of chemistry Demi Moore had with Patrick Swayze in Ghost (yes I am old).

Iconic pottery scene from movie Ghost

But for those who could use a little help (or just want to enhance their experience) and turn to the lube for answers, do you ever wonder what is in it - or whether a natural lubricating product alternative would work just as well? Is this a rare case where natural can do more harm than good?

Typical Ingredients in Store-Bought Lube

It promises us the time of our lives and let's face it, sometimes it delivers. Whether you choose Warming, Just for Her, or Go All Night Without Chafing, personal lubricants are safe, right? Not so. Personal lubricants can be oil based, water based or silicone based, but never could they be considered a natural body care product that won't cause irritation or problems.

If you grab the first lube you see or have heard of (like KY Jelly), know that it's water based, which is great in the sense that it's totally safe for use with condoms....but there are usually more chemicals in these lubricants. Side note: water based lube doesn't work underwater, so if you're planning some James Bond stuff you better look into that.

Strawberry flavoured lube

Oil based lubes are more expensive, but you don't need to use nearly as much. However, they can break down latex condoms, so it's best to use oils if you are using another form of contraception and aren't worried about STIs.

So who uses silicone, the Borg? The fact is that silicone has great slip and slide but some people find it irritating, and if your sex toys are also made of silicone, they may be strangely unhappy together.

The worst thing would be the other additives often found in lube like:

-Scents and flavours (these often contain sugars that lead to yeast infections)

Bacon flavoured lubricant

-Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or any derivative thereof, which breaks down condoms

-Propylene glycol

-Benzocaine (a numbing agent for men, now that's not nice is it)

-Parabens. Yes, parabens.

In conclusion, both men and women can suffer from using artificial lube.

Best Natural Lubes to Use

At SaltZ&Co we believe if you can make a personal care product naturally that works just as well as its synthetic counterpart, why wouldn't you? That's not limited to bath stuff, it's literally everything, including your natural lube. Here's what we got for you:

Water based lube (i.e. you want to use it with condoms): Pure aloe vera jelly. NOT the kind you buy at the regular store (sorry) because it already contains alcohol and preservatives; you have to go on Amazon or your local health food store and look for 'pure aloe vera gel' and get a brand that's 100% pure, no preservatives. Please don't use our all natural aloe vera gel as lube because it contains essential oils (potential ow) and moisturizing coconut oil, which aren't good for use with condoms.

Oil based lube: There really is no substitute for pure coconut oil if you're not worried about condoms. It smells great, it has great slip, it hasn't been processed, it's the least likely to cause irritation for him or her.

Here's to a safe and natural-as-possible experience, no matter what you put where. xoxo


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